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What is NowType

NowType is a Markdown editor with WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) style. Several extention of markdown is adopted, such as mathematical format with LaTeX. The NowType is developed by using HTML, Javascript and CSS. The rendering of math is perfomred by KaTeX. The source code of NowType is opened under the MIT License.

Cross-Platform Desktop Application

NowType runs as desktop application on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. To build for these Cross-Platform OS, Node.js and Electron are emplyied.

Binary apps download from:

Web Application

NowType runs on modern web browsers. The operation on the following browsers are confirmed:

where, the Internet Exploper is not supported.

Let's try demo on this blowser

Javascript Library

NowType will provides Javascript API. You can integrate NowType in your web page and your application.

How to write markdown text on NowType?

Manual for writing is shown in "demo" page. Please try demo.

But, sorry. Now I prepare manual in only Japanese language.

Source code, Author, and License

NowType is open source project. You can find repository in Github.

License of source code is MIT License

Copyright (c) 2019-2020 Atsushi M. Ito

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